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Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Machine Sets Made for Domin in Nigeria

DATE:Jun 30th, 2022
This set of fish feed pelleting machine was shipped to Domin in Nigeria, which including grain crusher machine, raw material mixer machine, floating fish feed pelleting machine equipment. The capacity is150~200kg/h. 

Domin have his own fish farm, existing 25000 fingerling, planned to expand to 40000 fish. he want to expand his farm and make his own fish feed.

He is very business savvy, he said that he is now expanding his fish farm and needs more floating fish feed, which used to be a lot of money to buy floating fish feed from local feed mills. He calculated that if he made his own floating fish feed pellets by fish feed extruder, while meeting the fish feeds supply of his own fish farm, he could also produce more floating fish feed to sell to surrounding fish farms, so that he would not only save money on buying floating fish feed pellets, but also Make more money by selling floating fish feed. 

So he found us. According to the number of his fish (25,000 fingerling) and the expansion demand (40,000). We recommended the fish feed extruder machine model LM60 or LM70, the capacity is 100~150kg/h, one day, the outputs is about 2400~3600kg. 

and then we explained the details of the fish feed pelleting machine and the price to him, he chose LM60, which is the best seller fish feed pellet machine, then he also purchased the supplementary grain crusher machine, raw material mixer machine for more efficient production of floating fish feed. 

Domin has been very sincere, very polite, yes, He was very enthusiastic and asked us a lot of questions and answer our questions is very positive. We had a great time communicating.  I talked with him for about an hour to determine the offer,  until now also have in touch, chat is also very speculative!
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