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150kg Per Hour Floating Fish Feed Production Line For Nigeria Clients/Electric Energy Fish Feed Extruder

DATE:Jun 23rd, 2022
The Floating Fish Feed Production Line was made For Nigeria Clients Abdulrahman,  the line including crusher machine, mixing machine and pellet machine.  Abdulrahman has a medium-sized fish farm. Existing 76,000 fish, he plans to expand to 100,000 fish, his farm was located at Clobek Crown Estate Lugbe Abuja Nigeria. 

He found our company and look through our company page on fb. There are a lot of vedio and pictures of fish feed making machine. This is our campany page: lima feed machinery.  
According to the current number of fish on his farm and the expansion needs in a short period of time, we recommend 60 or 70 Electric Fish Feed Extruder machines to him, the output is about 100~200kg/h, and we gave him a detailed introduction and Specifications to the Floating Fish Feed machine.  And sent many  picture and video of the Fish Feed Extruder.


He was very interested in our 100~200kg/h Floating Fish Feed Production Line and happy with the price, and then we helped calculate the shipping fee to him. he told us that he also has riched import experience, and many years of business experience! he had imported products not only from China, but also from Singapore, Thailand and other countries. He was very familiar with the whole process and was very experienced in this area, so we negotiated very smoothly, and it took less than two weeks from the start of contact to payment.

But he still had some concerns before paying. He was worried about being cheated because he was cheated by a Thai supplier when he was in the clothing business. So he wanted to confirm our authenticity before paying. He told us that he would ask a friend in Guangzhou China to verify the real situation of Lima Feed Machinery. Because we have our own fish feed making machine equipment factory, we invite his friend come to see our  and feed extruder production workshop. After that we gave him 2 phone numbers from our Nigerian clients to verify our fish feed machine quality and service, he was very happy and he also gave us good feedback! Then he start paying. Usually, the shipping time to Nigeria is about 30-40 days. 

The following is the 150kg Per Hour Floating Fish Feed Production Line of Abdulrahman. The fish feed production line was testing and debugging of the  in our factory before shipping.

Every fish feed machine we export, whether it is a single small fish feed exturuder machine or a fish feed production line, will be strictly prepared and tested according to the real fish feed formula before delivery, not only to ensure that the fish feed machine can produce normally, but also to ensure that the fish feed extruder machine can produce high quality fish feeds that meet customer requirements. 

The fllowing is feedback video from Abdulrahman, He just received the machine and was very happy, he made a brief introduction video for us

This is another video by Abdulrahman。The machine has started to produce normally. He is very satisfied with the whole production line, and he took a very complete production video for us, including the whole process of raw material crushing, stirring, granulating, and then finished products to feeding fish. This video is very interesting

Abdulrahman is a very polite, readily and business-minded customer. He said that we are sincere and trustworthy fish feed machine suppliers! This is a very pleasant cooperation!

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