What is Fish Feed Extruder

DATE:Jun 27th, 2022
The fish feed extruder is usually be used to making floating/sinking fish feed pellets, pelltes size can be 0.4mm~15mm, suitable for all kinds of aquatic animal,such as catfish, shramp, crab fish, also can be used to make dog pets etc.
Here, I would introduce you what is fish feed extruder in detail!

1. Basic composition of Fish Feed Extruder Design

The fish feed extruder is mainly composed of power transmission device, feeding device, pre conditioner, extrusion parts and discharge cutting device. The feed extrusion part is the core part, which is composed of screw, outer cylinder and die head

2. Functions of various components of the fish feed extruder


1). Feeder of the fish feed extruder

A buffer bin is generally connected above the feeder to store a certain amount of materials. The materials in the bin will enter the modulator continuously and evenly under the push of the feeder. The feed extruder machine generally adopts screw feeder, and the feeding section often adopts variable diameter or variable distance screw to ensure uniform discharge at the outlet of the buffer bin. The diameter and pitch of the screw shall be compatible with the productivity of the extruder to avoid feeding fluctuation.

2). Fish Feed Extruded Parts

Extrusion parts are the main working parts of the fish feed pellet extruder, including expansion chamber, screw, air plug, kneading and cutting block and other mechanical parts.

A . expansion chamber:

In order to facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the required components, the expansion chamber is generally assembled. The expansion chamber is cylindrical and has only a small gap with the screw to increase the friction shear force with the material. The inner wall of the expansion chamber has straight groove type and spiral groove type. The straight groove type has the functions of shearing and stirring, and is generally located in the middle section of the extruder bore; The spiral groove type is helpful to push the material. It is usually located at the feed inlet. The section near the formwork is also designed as a spiral groove to keep the formwork pressure and discharge uniform. The expansion chamber can also be made into a jacketed type, which is convenient for feeding steam or cooling water. In order to facilitate operation, the pressure sensor and thermometer are generally installed on the expansion chamber.

B. Screw:

Screw is one of the most important accessories of the fish feed extruder machione. The quality of screw is the main index to measure the quality of the feed pellet extruder. At present, the screw materials on the market mainly include: 40 chromium molybdenum aluminum, high chromium cast iron, stainless steel and alloy steel carburizing, nitriding and tungsten carbide treatment. Different materials have different wear resistance, and the price difference is very large. The parameters representing screw structure mainly include diameter, pitch, root diameter, helix angle and blade section structure. The screw is divided into single head screw and multi head screw.

C. Steam plug:

The steam plug has no transmission capacity and acts as a barrier to the flow of materials. When materials are transferred from one screw to another, the steam plug can turn the materials inside and outside, accompanied by flow and mixing. The steam plug can produce high and low shear zones, with strong shear and kneading effects. It has a strong friction effect on the passing materials, and the heating effect is significant. Products with different expansion degrees are usually obtained by changing the number and diameter of steam plugs.

D.  Discharge device

The discharge device of the fish feed extruder is the last gate for the product to pass through the feed pellet extruder machine, which has a great impact on the shape, texture, density, appearance characteristics of the product and the production capacity of the extruder machine.
The discharge of fish feed extruder usually has three forms: single hole discharge, annular gap discharge and die hole discharge.

Characteristics of discharge die:
The treated steel mold is often used as the discharge mold of the feed extruder;
The working pressure of the feed extruder is generally 21-175kgf/cm;
The mold hole shall have proper control over the material to ensure that the expansion cavity with sufficient length is filled.

E. Cutting device

There are three kinds of cutting devices commonly used in fish feed extruders;
Synchronous cutter: the cutter installed on the main shaft of the extruder;
Asynchronous cutter: cutter driven by separate power;
Cut off cutter: used for long cutting section or slow extrusion.

The clearance between the cutter and the die is usually adjusted before operation, and the blade position can be adjusted individually; For occasions with high forming requirements, spring blade is generally used, and the blade is in contact with the die surface.

F. Electric control device

Due to the different characteristics of the expanded raw materials, the output of the fish feed extruder machine varies greatly. The rotating speed of the feeder and the cutter should be adjustable. The control cabinet shall be installed on site for easy adjustment by the operator at any time.

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